The Circle (a must-read)


The Circle by Dave Eggers

Chilling Google/Apple/Microsoft/Facebook doppelganger.  We’re sheep to cyber-slaughter.  Changed my worldview.



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7 responses to “The Circle (a must-read)

  1. Your reviews are such a cool concept! And not easy to write I’d guess? This book is definitely on my must-read list!


    • Thank you! I try to give a sense of the book so you can decide whether it’s one you’d like. I try not to just be about plot. Ten words is challenging, but a great exercise in writing economy.


  2. I’m in the middle of must-reading right now. But wow, very few people are as easy to manipulate and brainwash than Mae so far. Her spinelessness is disgusting and almost unbelievable. “Does (totalitarian idea) make sense, Mae?” “Yes!” “Does (horrible invasion of privacy) sound good, Mae?” “Yes!” “So (human-rights violation in the name of human rights) is actually what you’ve believed all along, right, Mae?” “Yes, of course!”

    Still, I’ll finish and see what unfolds.


    • Mae is horrifying because ordinary people like her have and do exist. They are the reason totalitarian regimes throughout history have been able to seduce the hearts and minds of millions of people. Of course she’s exagerrated for purposes of satire, but not as much as we’d like to believe.


      • True. True enough. I also think, though, that the “social media/tech/gadgets are taking us to hell in a hand basket” is a farcically easy half truth with which to brainwash, too…. says your arguing friend, the devil. ;D I like the book and need to finish it. It’s just Mae. Arggh. MAE! You’re a dumbass, Mae.


  3. Only a good book can piss you off that much and question so much. Btw, there’s a killer ending.


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