Crazy Rich Asians (audiobook recommended)


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Snobbery and luxury binge-shopping among super-rich Chinese families. High-end chick-lit.



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3 responses to “Crazy Rich Asians (audiobook recommended)

  1. Halfway through this book and love it. Drawback: having to wait to the end of each chapter to get the translations of what they say!


    • Interesting. I didn’t know there were translations. The audiobook voices made everything clear enough – and funnier. Although even the reader seemed to get tired of reciting the brand names after a while. You could hear her voice start to drag. “The rich celadon green leather upholsteryyyyy…..zzzzzzzz.”

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      • Really!!! Hmph!!! Yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce anything and I don’t wanna take the time flipping back and forth on my kindle to find out what it means! Most of it is insignificant!! But that’s pretty funny, should’ve bought the audio book! Looking forward to reading China Rich Girlfriend after!


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