About Jane Imber

Jane is a novelist and freelance writer living in Boulder, CO.  She’s looking for a new agent.

Jane earned an MBA in marketing from Wharton at The University of Pennsylvania.  She earned a BS in Psychology from Temple University.  She was previously represented by the Curtis Brown Literary Agency in New York.  She currently writes freelance copy for direct mail, email, web radio and landing page promotions.

Jane Imber has written dozens of articles on business topics that were published in trade journals and newsletters.  In addition, she has contributed to or edited several text books on direct marketing and is the Co-Author of 4 editions of Barron’s Dictionary of Marketing.

Co-editor: “Successful Direct Mail In a Week;” 1996; Barron’s Educational Publishing.

Co-Author: “Dictionary of Marketing;” 1994; Barron’s Educational Publishing.

Contributor: “The Direct Marketing Handbook;” 1991; McGraw-Hill.

Columnist: “Circulation Council Newsletter;” Direct Marketing Association; 1986-1990.

Co-editor: “VISA Junior Encyclopedia;” 1989; Barron’s Educational Publishing.

Co-Author: “Dictionary of Advertising and Direct Mail;” 1987; Barron’s Educational Publishing.

Co-Author: “Dictionary of General Business Terms;” 1987; Barron’s Educational Publishing.

New York Editor: “Fulfillment Association Newsletter;” Washington, DC Chapter.

Copywriter: “Art & Antiques Magazine;” 2000-Present.

Copywriter: “Boating World Magazine,” 2000-Present.

Copywriter:  “Boston Magazine,” 2003- Present.

Copywriter: “ Philadelphia Magazine,” 2003-Present.

Copywriter: “Real Estate in the Rockies,” 2004-2006.

Copywriter: Various Oakstone Publications, 2009-Present.

Other Publishing Credits include:

“Living The Wild Life on Bellyache Ridge,” The Motorist, May 2001.

“Ask and Ye Shall Receive,” Chicken Soup for the Working Woman’s Soul, July 2003.

Bellyache Ridge Newsletter, “The Bellyacher,” 1997-Present.


“Harbinger-of-Spring,” Aspen Sojourner, Winter/Spring 2002.

Elephant Grass,” Boulder Weekly, April 2015.


16 responses to “About Jane Imber

  1. What an eclectic writing life! I hope you find a new agent soon for whatever project you are pursuing.


    • Thanks. Right now I’m just working on becoming a better writer. Too much focus on the business side tends to take away from the love of writing. But as soon as the novel I’m working on is as done as I can get it, I’ll be back on the front lines seeking an agent


  2. Wish more book reviews got to the “meat and potatoes.”


  3. Jane, I have a book coming out later this year called One of the Few. I would love for you to give it a read. Let me know if you would be interested in doing a review. http://www.jasonbladd.com


  4. Thank you for your service, Jason.


  5. Hi Jane,

    Any clue if there is going to be a new edition of the Barron’s Dictionary of Marketing Terms? The newest one is the 4th, from 2008.



  6. michelleimber

    Helloooo, fellow Imber! Saw your account on Twitter and had to say hi. 🙂


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